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Talking about the functional development trend and influence of TWS headphone

With the gradual maturity of the technology of TWS headphone, its more convenient to use and smaller size have led to the continued hotness of the earphone market. Major consumer electronics giants, mobile phone manufacturers, traditional acoustic audio companies, and Internet companies have all launched related products one after another.

TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo. As the name suggests, it is called a true wireless stereo headset. It has the characteristics of simple design, high wearing comfort, equipped with a charging box, extended battery life, and quick pairing.

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‍Today, tws wireless headphone manufacturer will talk to you about the unique and important functions of TWS headphone and the corresponding development trends.

HD sound quality

The high-definition sound quality of TWS headphones mainly comes from sub-audio coding and decoding technology and the acoustic design of the headphones.

Audio decoding

Currently, high-definition audio coding and decoding technologies are mainly represented by manufacturers such as Sony. At CES2020, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance released a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard-LE Audio. Its main features are low power consumption, high performance, and optimized for TWS headphone, which can provide higher sound quality, and can still transmit normally when the bit rate is reduced by 50%. The transmitter can be directly connected to the left and right units of TWS at the same time. , Which reduces latency and improves stability.

Headphone acoustic design

In terms of acoustic design, many tws wireless headphone manufacturer try to adopt new diaphragm materials, such as PET composite metal. The use of multi-unit design is also a trend to expand the bandwidth, such as multi-moving coil, multi-moving iron, and coil iron. . Major manufacturers will also conduct research based on their target user population to determine the tuning tone curve of the corresponding product.

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AI noise reduction

At present, each company is constantly optimizing the depth of noise reduction, bandwidth, comfort, and scene adaptation to improve user experience. AI call noise reduction uses scene analysis and deep learning structure to separate human voice and background noise in real time, and extract clear human voice from environmental noise.

Call noise reduction

Call noise reduction is currently mainly achieved through multi-microphone array + noise reduction algorithm, and bone conduction sound pickup technology is also more and more widely used.

Active noise reduction

The working principle of active noise reduction (also known as digital noise reduction) is to collect environmental noise through the digital noise reduction microphone of the headphone, and then send it to the headphone for processing, and finally generate a waveform that is completely opposite to the noise wave for cancellation, so as to achieve The effect of noise reduction. Active noise reduction is mainly divided into feedforward type and composite type. At present, active noise reduction function has gradually begun to popularize on high-end TWS headphones.

Low power consumption and long battery life

Since the TWS headphone is in a wireless and mobile state, it needs to be powered by a built-in battery. So like mobile phones, long battery life is required.

At present, most manufacturers use large-capacity battery boxes to compensate for the battery life of the headphone. How to further reduce the power consumption and improve the battery life of the headphone itself is the key to the user experience while ensuring that the headphone itself is more compact.

Low latency

Relatively speaking, the delay of TWS earphones is relatively high. The situation of more than 150ms is very common. Generally, it does not affect the effect of listening to music and making calls. It will have a certain impact when watching videos, such as slight audio and picture out of sync. Now mainstream video software detects that when users use wireless headphone including TWS headphone, they will delay the picture to reduce the perception of out-of-sync.

High latency affects the experience most when playing games and experiencing VR scenes, so certain optimizations need to be made for these scenes. At present, some solution manufacturers have introduced audio encoder technology for game scenes, which can control the delay within 50-80ms.

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Intelligent voice

Pass-through hearing aid

Transparent transmission and hearing aid means that after wearing headphones, the ambient sound can also be introduced into the ear, so that it is safer when listening to music and you will not miss some important information, such as broadcasts, horns, and alarms. There are two main ways to achieve transparent hearing assistance. One is to use algorithms to superimpose the signal picked up by the outer microphone into the speaker, and the other is to open a small gap through an electric valve to let in sound.

The transparent hearing aid and noise reduction functions themselves seem to be contradictory, but in fact they are complementary. Intelligent switching between the two modes according to different scenarios is also a trend that major manufacturers attach great importance to. For example, some headphone brands sense whether the user is sitting or lying down. In the walking state, to switch between different hearing aid and noise reduction modes.

Health monitoring

Because TWS headphone are in direct contact with the human body and are frequently used, some manufacturers have begun to consider integrating GPS, heart rate sensors, body temperature sensors, blood oxygen saturation checks, fall monitoring, and other physiological sensors, so that users can record their health conditions at any time.

Some manufacturers are equipped with in-ear precision heart rate monitors, which can monitor, track and analyze heart rate and maximum oxygen uptake. At the same time, they can provide real-time personalized audio guidance during exercise and expand more personalized headphone functions.

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Dustproof and waterproof

There are many application scenarios for TWS, so the dustproof and waterproof requirements of the headphone are higher, such as running when it is raining. In addition, the higher the waterproof and dustproof level, the longer the service life of the product. Similar to the mobile phone, the waterproof and dustproof function of the headphone is mainly realized through the structural design and the waterproof and breathable membrane.

At present, the waterproof performance of TWS headphones is basically at the IP65-IP67 waterproof level, and some manufacturers have achieved a higher level of IP68. With the continuous progress of new material technology, the continuous improvement of waterproof and dustproof level can bring more abundant application scenarios for TWS.

Antibacterial cleaning

TWS headphone need to be worn for a long time, and there is more oil secretion in the ear. In addition, the TWS headphone are small in size and complex in shape, which is not easy to clean deeply. Long-term use is easy to breed bacteria and is not good for health. Major manufacturers are also studying antibacterial materials, or consider using headphone. UV lamps or ultrasonic waves are added to the box to realize functions such as sterilization and descaling.

The above is the key function of TWS headphone and the development trend of related functions summarized by Tenwin tws wireless headphone manufacturer. In addition, Tenwin's latest TWS headphone product series will soon be launched on major platforms. This headphone has a very strong performance in sound quality, noise reduction, battery life and delay. Friends of you can pay more attention.

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