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True wireless Bluetooth headsets are so popular, what is a TWS True wireless stereo earbuds?

2019 is a hot year for true TWS True wireless stereo earbuds. I must be familiar with bluetooth headsets. Many friends may have used them. In my impression, bluetooth headsets are generally more convenient to use single ear to answer calls, and then there will be hanging necks. Style, head-mounted Bluetooth headsets, but these are not true wireless Bluetooth headsets? What is a true wireless Bluetooth headset? Today, tws china factory will answer for everyone.

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What is a TWS True wireless stereo earbuds? To understand this term is very simple, it can be understood literally, true wireless Bluetooth earbuds is in the true sense. A Bluetooth earbuds without a wire connection between the left and right earbuds is called a true wireless Bluetooth earbuds. There is still a wire connection between the left and right earbuds, one earbuds is connected to the sound source, but the earbuds are connected by a wire, so it is not a true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, then a true wireless Bluetooth earbuds means that there is no longer a wire connection between the earbuds and the earbuds, But use the Bluetooth link. We call it true wireless bluetooth earbuds, also called tws bluetooth earbuds.

Generally, true wireless uses the design of primary and secondary earbuds, that is, the primary earbuds is connected to the mobile phone, and then the secondary earbuds is connected to the main earbuds. But with the development of technology, the main and auxiliary ears are no longer distinguished, and both earbudsare the same. But it is still divided into the left and right of the earbuds.

Because there are two earbuds, not only the earbuds must be connected, but also the two have to be connected to each other, so the power consumption will be faster. At the same time, it is also convenient to carry the two, so there is a earbuds box design. When you buy it, you don’t need to care about the size of the earbuds, just pay attention to the size of the box.

From the configuration point of view, many of them support Bluetooth 5.0. Compared with the previous ones, the connection is more stable and more power-saving. This is also a good way to improve battery life and enhance experience. Of course, the earbuds is supported, and the mobile phone may not be supported. After all, it is a new technology. The most important thing is to remove the earbuds jack of the mobile phone and add it.

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