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tws bluetooth earbuds supplier: what is the reason why the Bluetooth earbuds cannot be charged

Recently, tws bluetooth earbuds supplier have received multiple inquiries about the reason why the bluetooth earbuds cannot be charged? I checked online and found that this problem is quite common. tws earphone manufacturer feel it is necessary to share about the charging of Bluetooth earbuds. As we all know, TWS Bluetooth earbuds need to be charged to work properly. In addition to rechargeable batteries, it also requires resistors and capacitors. Cooperation, I must be familiar with everyone.

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The charging life time of a Bluetooth earbuds, whether it is not applicable for a long time, whether it can be charged normally or whether there is still power storage, this is the performance of the configuration of the Bluetooth earbuds, usually consumer friends use Bluetooth earbuds almost every day, so basically not There will be a problem of not being able to charge, because there will always be storage in the capacitor, which means that when there is no storage in the Bluetooth earbuds capacitor, then there will be a problem of not being able to charge.

Why is there no battery storage in the Bluetooth earbuds capacitor? One is the quality of the capacitor, the flow point is too large, and it is easy to lose power quickly. The second is that the quality of the resistance will also cause the current to lose speed. Another very important point is the battery protection board. Some Bluetooth earbuds do not have a battery protection board. In order to save costs, wireless earphone factory will choose low-cost materials or not use some accessories to achieve cost savings.

Therefore, the Bluetooth earbuds cannot be charged. Most of the Bluetooth earbuds are left unused for a long time, resulting in no storage of the capacitor. Another situation is that the quality of the capacitors and resistors used by the Bluetooth earbuds itself is not high. It is worn and used every day. After a long time, the electronics will age and make it impossible to charge.

tws bluetooth earbuds supplier remind: If the Bluetooth earbuds cannot be charged, it is recommended to consult the merchant for after-sales treatment. Generally, you can apply for a new one within one year. If you are buying a friend suggest not to blindly fancy the price, as the saying goes, there are only wrong buying, no wrong selling, low-cost relative configuration is definitely cheap.

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