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oem wireless headset factory: Is there a delay in airpods playing games?

[Is there any delay in airpods playing games?] AirPods II was secretly released before Apple's spring conference, replaced by new H1 chips, upgraded wireless charging boxes, and the temptation to increase the price without increasing the price. The OEM wireless headset factory believes a lot of fruit fans Already on the way to place an order. Many fans are more sensitive to the sound delay of AirPods II in games, so is there a delay in AirPods playing games in the actual experience?

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The second generation of AirPods itself has made a great improvement to the game delay (the official data is that the delay is reduced by 30%). After getting the second generation of AirPods, the editor tested the sound feedback on the two games of Honor of Kings and Stimulating Battlefield. No delay was felt. The second generation of AirPods can achieve the effect of gunshots received by human ears while clicking the shooting button.

But the problem with the second generation of AirPods is that the sound insulation effect is relatively poor, and the ambient sound can still be heard at the mid-range volume in public places, which is far inferior to in-ear and headphone. In terms of sensitivity, since the second generation of AirPods is not specially made for games, it cannot be compared with professional gaming headsets in terms of stereo field and sensitivity.

AirPods second-generation game recommendations

For MOBA, role-playing, and puzzle games (especially those games that only have character voices and background sounds), the second generation of AirPods can satisfy the sound experience of these players.

For shooting games such as CS and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (including exciting battlefields), if the game experience is very demanding, AirPods 2 is not recommended (the finals depends on the destiny and consciousness, but also relies on headphones to listen near you Is there Voldemort?).

BTW, if you buy the second generation of AirPods just to play games, the OEM's suggestion for Bluetooth headsets is to stop there. You can buy good gaming headsets for more than a thousand prices. AirPods are so expensive, do you think it has good sound quality? not at all. People who really understand AirPods are essentially rushing to the seamless experience between it and other Apple devices.

The above is the answer to the question from the oem wireless headset factory on whether there is a delay in airpods playing games. If you don't need to be able to "listen to the position", the second generation of AirPods is enough. If the game you are playing is particularly sensitive to sound, it is recommended to choose an in-ear or headset with higher sensitivity and better sound insulation.

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