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Best OEM factory: What are the negatives of wireless Bluetooth headphones?

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The first is the battery life of the Bluetooth headset.

oem wireless bluetooth headphones manufacturers believe that most of the Bluetooth headset products on the market have very poor battery life, and a reminder of insufficient battery power may appear after continuous use for one or two hours, which is completely unable to meet the daily needs of users. If the battery life problem is not handled well, the experience of using Bluetooth headsets will be greatly reduced. Consumers who buy Bluetooth headsets should not be allowed to carry their charging devices with them, and charge them every time they use it. In this case, it is really not as good as the traditional ones. Wired headset.

The second is the issue of connectivity.

For example, a big-name headset (brand self-brain supplement) mentioned many times by many friends is very expensive, but the connectivity is very poor. Put the mobile phone on the table in a small room, wear the earphones and go to the other end to receive a glass of water. As a result, the mobile phone and the Bluetooth earphone are disconnected. This problem has always been a flaw in the Bluetooth products.

The third is that the changes in operating habits brought about by new technologies need to be improved.

For example, whether the process of connecting the Bluetooth headset to the mobile phone is completely smooth, whether there is sometimes the phenomenon of external sound channel, etc. This is more a problem of adapting to operating habits, and even some compatibility problems of mobile phones and mobile phone software, which can only optimize the product The supporting software version is not too much to go into details.

The fourth is that the new technology is not yet perfect.

Some manufacturers put their products into the market in order to realize cash in advance, which caused a lot of trouble to users. For example, the "True Wireless" Bluetooth headset launched by a well-known domestic brand can't even adjust the accustomed main ear. It can only default to the left ear of the accustomed main ear, which is really speechless.

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