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How to choose a bluetooth headset manufacturer for bluetooth headset foundry

Made in China is already facing the world. Almost all major brands have foundries in China, and the Bluetooth headset industry is no exception. Whether it is branded Bluetooth headsets or second and third-tier freight, it can be said that more than 80% of the Bluetooth headset foundry is done in China. So how should brand owners choose oem bluetooth headset manufacturer? What are the requirements for Bluetooth headset manufacturers?

oem bluetooth headset manufacturer

First, the choice of oem bluetooth headset manufacturer depends on hard power

First look at the hardware strength of Bluetooth headset manufacturers. The hardware strength of Bluetooth headset manufacturers includes plant area, production equipment, testing equipment, number of employees, etc. Strong manufacturers generally have a relatively large plant area, numerous production lines, and sufficient grassroots. Staff and advanced testing equipment can ensure product delivery and product quality.

Second, the choice of oem bluetooth headset manufacturer depends on soft power

The soft power of Bluetooth headset manufacturers includes their R&D strength, brand strength, channel development and control capabilities, and after-sales service. Strong manufacturers generally have an excellent R&D team, with a large number of products, and the speed of new product update is also fast. For dealers and agents who cooperate with the market, products with personality, beautiful and cost-effective products suitable for the market are updated quickly. The better the sales of the product, the less the phenomenon of oversupply, the faster the capital turnover, the better the profit.

In addition, Bluetooth headset manufacturers with strong brand strength have high product awareness and consumers' acceptance of the product, and the marketing and promotion costs required are relatively small. In addition, relatively strong manufacturers have better control over channels, and there will be less cross-selling in the market, and the rights and interests of distributors and agents are guaranteed.

Third, choose oem bluetooth headset manufacturer to measure according to their own strength

Relatively speaking, the quality and service of branded Bluetooth headset manufacturers should be more reliable, and consumers should have a deeper understanding of their brands. The disadvantage is that the prices are generally higher. If their own economic strength is strong, they can cooperate with well-known brands and operate well. The profit is considerable. If your own economic strength is not very strong, you can choose some manufacturers whose brand awareness is not very high, but with good quality control and distinctive products. If marketing is effective, choosing such products from such manufacturers will make more profit. Of course, when choosing a manufacturer, comprehensive consideration should be given to R&D strength, production strength, channel construction, after-sales service, etc. It is best to go to the Bluetooth headset manufacturer for on-site inspection before deciding to cooperate.

What needs to be reminded is that when choosing a oem bluetooth headset manufacturer, in addition to on-site visits to the manufacturer, it is also necessary to learn about the Bluetooth headset manufacturer through other channels, such as the manufacturer’s credit and the personal credit of the person in charge of the manufacturer. Of course , You also need to experience the Bluetooth headset OEM products, from workmanship to materials, from use to details after a comprehensive assessment, and then decide which oem bluetooth headset manufacturer to choose.

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