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OEM Bluetooth headset factory deeply analyzes several tests of Bluetooth headset sound quality assurance

The sound quality of a Bluetooth headset is a very important evaluation item. Whether imported or domestic Bluetooth headsets, the first thing to ensure is the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset. No one wants to spend money to buy a ring. The OEM Bluetooth headset factory knows this well, and has been doing Bluetooth headset sound quality debugging and experiments to ensure that the sound quality of the factory's Bluetooth headset can be accepted by the majority of consumers.

So how does the Bluetooth headset factory guarantee the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset? What tests are performed on Bluetooth headsets before the product leaves the factory? Today, Tenwin Electronic Bluetooth headset factory will analyze several test methods for the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets for everyone.

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OEM Bluetooth headset factory test items for sound quality

The audio test items of Bluetooth headsets include two categories: conventional electroacoustic test items and advanced communication test items. The specific items are as follows:

Routine electroacoustic test Loudness, frequency response, distortion, noise

Advanced communication test subjective average opinion score (TMOS, POLQA), echo attenuation,

Echo time domain/frequency domain characteristics, side tone masking level

OEM Bluetooth headset factory test plan for sound quality

Bluetooth headsets are mainly used for 4 loop tests, send loop test, receive loop test, echo path test, and sidetone path test.

The Bluetooth headset communicates with the Bluetooth front end directly, which will greatly reduce the communication loss. The communication mode between the Bluetooth front end and the Bluetooth headset can be HFP and A2DP, so both communication and audio source playback can be tested.

Test laboratory of OEM bluetooth headset factory

VoiceX has a full anechoic laboratory built for voice testing, equipped with a standardized voice testing system, test artificial head (HATS), 3PASS, HAE-BGN and other background noise equalization systems, and supports GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE communication networks Test, support Bluetooth communication test, can be connected to test signal modes such as LAN, WLAN, digisignal, etc., and can flexibly build a product test environment according to customer requirements for product performance testing.

Noise reduction test in OEM Bluetooth headset factory

In addition to the functions of traditional Bluetooth headsets, noise-canceling headphones have added a powerful active noise-canceling function. The active noise reduction function is to generate a reverse sound wave equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system, neutralize the noise, and achieve the effect of noise reduction. Its principle is that all sounds are composed of a certain frequency spectrum. If a sound can be found, its frequency spectrum is exactly the same as the noise to be eliminated, but the phase is just opposite to completely cancel the noise.

Designing and producing a Bluetooth headset with good sound quality is very fulfilling for the OEM Bluetooth headset factory. For this reason, the Bluetooth headset factory makes unremitting efforts and hopes to be recognized by more consumers.

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