21tws-02 active noise reduction, let the world noise, enjoy good time

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In the last century, Robert Koch, the Nobel Prize winner in physiology, made such a prediction,"Sooner or later, in order to survive, human beings will have to fight against noise, just like cholera and plague.".

At the end of March 2011, who and the European Union cooperative research center published a comprehensive report on the health effects of noise, the burden of disease caused by noise pollution.

It is pointed out for the first time that noise pollution not only makes people feel irritable and sleep poorly, but also causes or triggers heart disease, learning disability, tinnitus and other diseases, thus reducing people's life span.

In April 2018, the environmental monitoring report showed that nearly 2 / 3 of the urban residents in China work and live in the environment with excessive noise, and suffer from noise injury. Fighting against noise pollution will become the daily life of many people.

Active noise reduction earphone, which was still a very high-end term in the past few years, generally only appears on the plane to shield passengers from the huge roar of the plane when it takes off.

But with the increasing demand for noise reduction and the popularization of noise reduction technology, noise reduction is no longer a high-end enjoyment of several thousand yuan.

For example, the ANC active noise reduction Bluetooth headset 21tws-02 brought by tenwin today.

anc tws.jpg

21tws-02 is the first Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction made by tenwin.

In terms of appearance, 21tws-02 abandons the heavy headwear design of traditional noise reduction earphone, and adopts the light neck hanging design, which not only reduces the pressure on the ear, but also makes it more comfortable to wear and convenient to carry.

In the era of beauty first, brilliant color matching can also make you amazing.

The color matching of 21tws-02 not only keeps the classic, but also breaks through the routine.

Simple black, warm red and fresh white represent tenwin's attitude towards fashion.

anc earphone.jpg

21tws-02 adopts in ear design, with soft and comfortable silicone ear cap, which is more suitable for easy travel than earmuff design.

The 150-1500hz widescreen noise reduction can effectively eliminate the low-frequency noise in the noisy public environment such as subway, airplane and high-speed railway station in daily life. It is as quiet as walking into a private bedroom, and there is no need to turn up the volume when listening to songs and talking. Dual noise reduction mode, even if not connected to the mobile phone can also be turned on, separate noise reduction, more suitable for rest, office use.

The dual-mode noise reduction chip of 21tws-02 not only supports a variety of noise elimination technologies, but also supports subwoofer, 3D surround and other sound effects. With 12mm strong magnetic horn, it brings CD level sound quality with wide sound field and clear details.

Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 chip, effectively reduce the audio transmission loss, but also to ensure the stable output of sound quality.

B61-new earphone.png

In addition, the 21tws-02 has a different design from most noise reduction earphones - magnetic absorption storage.

Compared with many Bluetooth headsets, the storage is cumbersome and takes up a lot of space after storage. The magnetic absorption design can be stored in front of the chest like a necklace with a click. It is not too convenient to use in the crowded subway.

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