What is hifi headphones? hifi headphones brand introduction.


Tenwin (腾银)

Born in China, Tenwin is an international famous manufacturer specializing in the production of bluetooth headphones, earbuds and microphones. It has a wide range of products, and its sound quality is obvious to all. High end products are even first-class in sound quality. The overall sound style of Tenwin is: transparent, delicate, balanced, and inclined to cold tone. It is extremely accurate to replay classical music, but it is not in tune when playing electronic rock and dance music with heavy low-frequency components, and it is slightly indifferent when replaying human voice.

What is hifi headphones?

HiFi headphones is hi fi, which is the abbreviation of high fidelity in English. It is translated into "high fidelity". It is defined as: playback sound with high similarity to the original sound. Professionals in the sound industry determine the degree of hi fi by means of various instruments and various indicators. However, sound enthusiasts often judge whether the equipment reaches the hi fi in their mind through their ears.

To distinguish the high fidelity of replay sound, it is not only necessary to have good equipment and software, but also a good listening environment. Therefore, there are still differences between objective test and subjective evaluation on how to measure the hi fi level of sound equipment correctly.

HiFi headphones are used in the field of civil consumption to enjoy music, listen to radio and watch movies. They have the following characteristics: first, the frequency response should be as flat and wide as possible, so as to achieve good results in listening to all kinds of music. Second, it has high efficiency to adapt to the headphone amplification circuit with small output capacity of civil sound equipment. Third, it is light and comfortable to wear.

If the design of hifi headphones follows the principle of addition, that is, on the basis of faithfulness as much as possible, the sound can be properly polished to form a unique and beautiful voice, then the design of professional headphones follows the principle of subtraction, aiming at the monitoring function of headphones, highlighting the frequency bands that have a positive impact on the performance on the basis of true sound, Reduce the frequency band that can cause negative impact. In fact, for sound, increase and decrease are relative. The emphasis on any frequency band is the reduction of other frequency bands. Hifi headphones and professional headphones adjust the frequency response to achieve the design function. The premise is to be as real as possible.

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