Bluetooth headset factory' unspoken rules for MOQ


The hidden rules of Bluetooth headset factory for MOQ requirements

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I can tell you with certainty that the real bluetooth headset factory have certain requirements for the purchase quantity. However, if you are working together for the first time, you can request a prototype for testing. There is no requirement for this quantity. In the meantime, the price of the prototype will be 45 yuan higher than the wholesale price, which is actually understandable. After all, as a bluetooth headset manufacturer, the wholesale price is very low, mainly in quantity, you don’t have a certain amount, of course, the price will not be very low.

Bluetooth headset factory generally require large quantities as follows: a certain quantity corresponds to a certain price, that is to say, different wholesale quantities will give you different prices. Normally, if you want to enjoy the wholesale price, the minimum quantity is more than 50 sets.

These 50 sets can be mixed batches. What is mixed batching? It is necessary to explain here that mixed batch is a professional term for factory, also called mixed wholesale. In layman's terms, there are many styles that you can choose. You can choose from 10 styles, and the total quantity reaches 50. The wholesaler is a free and user-friendly scale. We can cooperate better.

Generally speaking, Bluetooth headset factory set the number of Pufa in this way. Below 50 is a price range, more than 100 is a price range, and more than 500 is a price range. Then, more than 1,000 will give you the maximum The discounted price. The larger the quantity, the lower the corresponding price. It can be said that the quantity and price are within a certain range

It is recommended that if you want to wholesale Bluetooth headsets for the first time, take a small number of prototypes to test the sound quality, quality and stability. If the quality is good, the style is also very novel, and the sound quality is good. You can't buy in large quantities later. After all, if the quantity is large, Bluetooth headset factory give you low prices, you have a price advantage, business will be easier to do, and profits will be greater. Of course, business will be booming, and there is money to be made!

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