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If you are looking for the best wireless headset factory direct with good bass in 2021,you’ll find something for you here.

Here are the top bass headphones you can get right now.

And together with fun sound, you should also expect reliable wireless performance and good build quality.

In the guide, you’ll find all types of headphones and if you’re looking for specifically best bass headphones go here.

Pick one of the hardest hitting bass “cannons” you can get right now.

The 15 Best factory direct bluetooth headset in 2021 with good bass

1. china Best budget gaming headphones - factory direct TW-H02

headset factory

The best bass headphones for most people with a heavy-bass sound profile

Tenwin (gaming headset factor‍y) has hit the nail on the head with a combination of active noise cancellation wireless headphones with a clear and punchy bass boost.

If you love listening to bass-heavy genres of music like hip hop, the crisp low-end of these bass headphones is hard to fault.

The Tenwin (headset factorydirect) TW-H02 offer lots of convenient features such as long, 19-hour battery life, with a quick charge option, and even a folding construction.

Pack these up and take them in your backpack with ease. A USB-C charger offers you quicker powering without proprietary cables.

The plush padding around the cups helps with background noise isolation. You can listen for long periods and remain comfortable throughout.

Simple ear cup control scheme and a removable cable further add to the ease of use.

2. free custom gaming headphones china - customizable design TW-H01

gaming headset factory

Tenwin (headset factory) true wireless bass custom headphones with various color options

Tenwin headphones have a reputation for bass boosting, and their true wireless option, the Tenwin TW-H01, are a great example of this.

The Tenwin TW-H01 have a strong bass boost that pops out immediately. They have a good sound for bassy music like hip hop, and you can still listen to podcasts or balanced music.

Tenwin TW-H01 give reliable wireless streaming and good range with the Apple H1 chip. Simple controls sit on the earbuds, but you can also use voice commands.

You can choose the fit you desire from four different ear tips, and the ear hooks fit around the back of your ears to keep them secure in the ear canal during workouts.

Also, they’re IPX5 water-resistant, so safe to use if there’s a bit of rain or sweat. They’re fantastic workout headphones.

3. best fit custom logomolded bluetooth earbuds - Custom logo TW-T16

bluetooth headset factory

Great Tenwin (bluetooth headset factory) headphones with a huge bass sound

If you’re in the market for roaring bass that you can feel, check the Product Details.

If the volume and loudness of bass are your number one priority, you should consider these. A must have for a basshead.

It’s brutally powerful and makes the headphones vibrate on your head. To tame it down, you use a bass slider underneath the ear cup.

Expect all music to be highly colored and far from the original bass levels. Mids and highs take a backseat. Interestingly, reducing the bass results in very balanced frequency response.

There’s even a secondary, haptic driver that boosts the bass so much you can feel it (it literally vibrates). Tenwin calls this “sensory bass.” You can adjust it to your preference with the slider.

(Noise suppression).

What to Look for in Bass Headphones?

Sound quality

You want big drivers with bass-oriented sound profile. Tunning plays the biggest role as there aren’t big differences among drivers.

For best bass headphones look for at least 40mm drivers or bigger. Now on-ear headphones and earbuds come with smaller drivers but they can have almost the same power (but expect slightly less).


One major feature is comfort. If they are big, heavy and bulky, it doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable.

In fact, since they are already so big to fit the whole human ear, manufacturers make them extra soft and comfortable to wear.

If you plan on wearing them on long trips, at home, or even for sports, you want them to fit tightly without irritating your ears, even after many hours.

Be careful at picking headphones without trying them first since not all fit all head sizes.

Most over-ears are much more comfortable than the alternatives, but at the same time, make sure the model you want is not uncomfortable.

Durability (you don’t buy these every day)

Since you don’t buy headphones every month you want them to last. A good pair of headphones can cost a small fortune. You don’t want to spend it on a model that is likely to break in a few months.

Do you plan to carry your headphones with you?

Then you should pick foldable bass headphones that you can pack up in a case and avoid damage. Not all expensive headphones are also durable.

Do you want to use them for sports?

Then your best choice are in-ear headphones, also known as earbuds. They’re easier to wear during movement and often come with sweat-resistance indicated by IPX rating.

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