Wireless headset Club factory production line - live shooting


Wireless headset Club factory production line, real-time shooting of bluetooth headset manufacturers.

Wireless headset club factory today take you to visit the Wireless headset Club factory production line. As one of the few Wireless headset club factory in Dongguan that can provide R&D and design of Wireless headset, it is essential to have a large-scale Bluetooth headset production line. Today, the Bluetooth headset manufacturers will lead you on site inspections. Factory production line of wireless headset club factory. As the so-called insiders watch the doorway, the outsiders watch the excitement. Let’s take a look at how many expert friends there are and find out what are the highlights in the picture.

headset Club factory.jpg

Real-time shooting of the production line of bluetooth headset factory.

Apart from the busy production line employees, what else can you see from this picture? Yes, the cooling system on the top of the workshop, and the distant view without lights in front, this is a dust-proof and anti-static workshop necessary for Bluetooth headsets. There are currently 8 production lines in production, and the ones that are not turned on in the distance are also production lines, but the current order demand is far from reaching the full state of production.

Wireless headset Club factory

There are eight testing rooms in our workshop, and each room has different testing equipment, including battery testing, chip testing, Bluetooth testing, semi-finished product testing, finished product testing, etc. to test the functional integrity of Bluetooth headsets. How to ensure that the quality of wireless headsets meets various certification requirements must be tested in such a closed room to pass the factory.

Wireless headset can be said to be blooming, and the market pricing is even more uneven. Why some wireless earphones can be sold for one year, some are only 3 months or even without after-sales, why some wireless earphones are priced at dozens of hundreds, and some are only a dozen or two Ten yuan? In fact, the difference can be clearly seen by looking at the picture. Dongguan Tenwin Wireless headset club factory welcomes all channel vendors to visit the factory.

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