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How to restore the factory settings of the wireless bluetooth headset.

For Bluetooth headsets, in fact, many of us have used them, especially young people like to use these multi-functional headsets. The club factory bluetooth headset manufacturer is here to share with you the experience of wireless Bluetooth headsets. The method of restoring factory settings, if you think this method helps you, be sure to pay attention to Tenwin!

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The club factory bluetooth headset manufacturer is here to introduce two more commonly used methods for restoring factory settings of Bluetooth headsets. One is mandatory and the other is optional, which is suitable for most Bluetooth headsets.

1. Let's talk about the non-mandatory method first, we just need to hold down the "

power switch" and "volume +" buttons at the same time for 15 seconds without letting go, and wait until there is a response.

2. To force the recovery method, we can first turn on the headset (no need to enter the pairing state), and then charge our Bluetooth headset for about 5-10 seconds. Most of the Bluetooth headsets will be forced to shut down when they are charged in the power-on state. To enter the state of factory settings. (Well, this method is a bit rude)

What everyone needs to understand is that many Bluetooth headsets sometimes fail to connect. It shows that the headset has entered the code-matching state, but the mobile phone cannot be searched, or the search is found, but the input password is invalid. This is mainly because the Bluetooth chip built-in program of the new headset is not activated, or the number of connections to the headset memory is full. Generally reset to factory settings will solve.

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