the Disadvantages of Bluetooth headsets: Chinese factory solution


To talk about the shortcomings of Bluetooth headset, one must start with the principle and operating mechanism of Bluetooth headset. On the other hand, its shortcomings should also be compared with wired headset.

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It can be seen that the wireless transmission method of Bluetooth headset is more complicated than wired. Moreover, there is a more complicated encoding/decoding process in the whole process. After so many extra steps, the sound that the Bluetooth headset finally transmits to the ear is definitely lagging.

This is the first disadvantage of Bluetooth headset: higher latency. Compared with wired headsets, people can't feel the negligible delay of a few milliseconds. Depending on the transmission protocol, Bluetooth headsets will have a delay of tens to hundreds of milliseconds. This will be obvious when watching movies and TV dramas, especially when playing games. feel. Many china bluetooth headset factory have tried their best to reduce the delay to less than 100ms, which is already very good.

Then, because Bluetooth is a low-power, short-distance wireless transmission method, the bandwidth is not high. For audio files with a higher bit rate, it must be compressed to a certain extent before being sent out, which causes the Bluetooth headset to receive Compared with the source file, the sound quality of the file is lost. In addition, the circuit board, chip, and battery are often stacked inside the Bluetooth headset. Noise floor. So this leads to the second disadvantage of Bluetooth headset: the sound quality is not as good as the price of wired headsets.

Because of the characteristics of Bluetooth wireless transmission, it has to face the interference of various radio waves around, so the third shortcoming is insufficient stability, which may cause disconnection and current disconnection.

The last is the battery life. The Bluetooth headset needs to be used alone. The built-in battery is limited by the size and wearing comfort. The battery cannot be too large. Therefore, the Bluetooth headset has power anxiety and needs to be charged midway. This is the last disadvantage.

but! Since the commercial use of Bluetooth 5.0 in 2016, the stability has been greatly improved, and the latency has also been greatly reduced. Many china bluetooth headset factory have optimized the game mode that can play PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, which is already very practical; as more and more The headset supports high bit rate protocols such as AAC/aptx/LDAC. The headset solution is becoming more mature. After continuous optimization and improvement, the sound unit of the Bluetooth headset is getting bigger and bigger, and the sound quality is getting better and better. It is no longer audible to ordinary users. There is a gap with wired headsets. The most important thing is: Bluetooth headsets, especially true wireless Bluetooth headsets, completely get rid of the shackles of the headset cable, making the experience of wearing headsets have a qualitative leap, and even high-end Bluetooth headsets are equipped with active noise reduction technology. For most people, Bluetooth headsets are fully capable of replacing wired headsets. It's time to throw away that long annoying headset cord!

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