Analysis of seven advantages of Bluetooth 5.0

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Bluetooth is a wireless connection standard, which aims to connect independent devices and realize short distance data transmission. The name of Bluetooth comes from the ancient Viking legend. It is said that Harald Bluetooth, the Viking king in the 10th century, unified all the tribes of Denmark into a kingdom. Bluetooth technology was proposed by Ericsson in 1994, but it was not until 1998 that the current Bluetooth technology alliance was established by Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Toshiba and Nokia. In 1999, Bluetooth technology began to be standardized. At present, the most widely used version is Bluetooth v4.0 launched in 2011 and upgraded Bluetooth v4.2. Now, Bluetooth 5.0 has been widely used.

Seven features of Bluetooth 5.0:

There is an obvious improvement in the transmission speed: the transmission speed of Bluetooth 5.0 can reach 2Mbps, which is twice higher than that of 4.2 ble.

Communication distance: Bluetooth 5.0 communication distance can reach up to 300 meters.

Navigation function

Internet of things: the Internet of things is still in a hot fire. Therefore, Bluetooth 5.0 has carried out many bottom-level optimization for the Internet of things, striving to serve smart home with lower power consumption and higher performance.

Hardware upgrade: some previous Bluetooth version updates only required software upgrade, but Bluetooth 5.0 is likely to require upgrading to a new chip. However, the old hardware can still be compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, so you can't enjoy its new performance.

More transmission functions: the new Bluetooth 5.0 can add more data transmission functions, and hardware manufacturers can create more complex connection systems through Bluetooth 5.0, such as beacon or location services. Therefore, the advertisement data sent by Bluetooth device can send a small amount of information to the target device, even without pairing.

Lower power consumption: as we all know, Bluetooth is an essential function of smart phones. With more and more smart devices and mobile payments need to turn on Bluetooth in order to enjoy convenient functions, and gradually integrate into people's lives, the power consumption of Bluetooth has become a big killer of the standby time of smart phones. Therefore, Bluetooth 5.0 will greatly reduce the power consumption of Bluetooth, so that people no longer have to worry about short standby time in the process of using Bluetooth.

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