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Bluetooth headsets manufacturer reveal the working principle of Bluetooth headsets can be roughly divided into four steps as shown in the figure:

1. The decoding chip in the mobile phone decodes music files such as MP3, generates a digital signal and sends it to the Bluetooth headset via Bluetooth;

2. The Bluetooth headset receives the digital signal, and converts it into an analog signal that can be understood by human ears through the digital-to-analog conversion chip inside the Bluetooth headset;

3. To amplify the analog signal, the signal amplifying chip inside the headset needs to be used;

4. The earphone unit receives the amplified signal and emits a sound. At this time, the ear hears the sound of music.

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Does the Bluetooth headset ring?

However, Bluetooth headsets manufacturer have always believed that the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets has been criticized. In the enthusiast circle, the saying "Bluetooth headset listens to a sound" is often circulated. There are two main reasons:

1. Lossly compresses the audio when transmitting audio data via Bluetooth, which results in loss of sound quality;

2. The digital-to-analog conversion and amplification are all done inside the Bluetooth headset. It is difficult to do both at the same time in such a small size, so for the sake of portability and price, the sound quality is further sacrificed.

The second point is the main reason. After understanding the principle of Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth headsets manufacturer know that to make Bluetooth headsets work properly, they need to install batteries, Bluetooth modules, digital-to-analog conversion circuits, amplifier circuits, headset units, etc. in the headset shell. A series of components such as this is a test of the manufacturer's product design capabilities and comprehensive technical strength. However, achieving this step only meets the need for "voicing". If you want a good sound, you also need to tune. This link needs to verify the specific performance of the earphone sound under different materials, different diaphragms and different wires. In short, it is a more complicated process and the main R&D cost of the manufacturer.

Ps: To put it simply, the Bluetooth headset is a product of compromise thinking. In order to get rid of the shackles of the headset cable, part of the sound quality is reduced. However, at present, the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets made by major traditional headset manufacturers is generally better (of course, the price is also more expensive), which can meet the needs of most users for music appreciation, and the low-priced Bluetooth headsets produced by small manufacturers do I can only "listen to it".

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