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As we all know, the battery is one of the most widely used accessories in the design and production of Bluetooth headset products and requires absolute attention to safety. It is also a spare part that Bluetooth headset supplier attach great importance to in the procurement process. The reason is that the battery can directly affect the overall quality of the Bluetooth headset, including battery life, safety, and the service life of the Bluetooth headset. It is also a link that needs special attention when exporting Bluetooth headsets. For example, when Bluetooth headsets are exported to the Korean market, KC certification must be carried out on the battery, which also emphasizes the importance of the battery in the Bluetooth headset from the side.

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Bluetooth headset generally choose lithium batteries and polymer batteries. Today, Bluetooth headset supplier explain the difference between the two batteries in detail, which has made it easy for consumers to have a criterion when purchasing Bluetooth headsets.

Lithium polymer batteries are included in lithium batteries. Lithium battery packs generally refer to aluminum shell batteries, the electrolyte is liquid, and the outer packaging material is aluminum shell. Lithium polymer battery refers to a lithium ion battery with electrolyte in all solid state or gel state. Generally, aluminum-plastic composite film is used as packaging material.

1. Raw materials

Polymer lithium battery refers to the use of polymer materials in at least one of the three major components of the positive electrode, the negative electrode or the electrolyte. Macromolecule means high molecular weight, and the corresponding concept is small molecule. Macromolecule has high strength, high toughness and high elasticity. The polymer materials currently developed for polymer batteries are mainly used for positive electrodes and electrolytes.

2. The difference in shaping

The polymer lithium battery can be thinner, any area, and any shape, because the electrolyte can be solid or colloidal rather than liquid; lithium battery packs use electrolyte, which requires a solid shell as a secondary packaging to accommodate Electrolyte. Therefore, this also makes the lithium battery add a part of the weight.

3. Security

Most of the current polymers are soft-packed lithium batteries, using aluminum plastic film as the outer shell. When organic electrolytes are used inside, they will not explode even if the liquid is hot, because the aluminum plastic film polymer battery adopts solid or colloidal state without leakage. It just broke naturally.

Based on the above three points, Bluetooth headset supplier will give priority to the use of lithium polymer batteries when designing and developing Bluetooth headsets. At least the left and right headsets must use lithium polymer batteries, and the charging compartment will generally use lithium batteries depending on the specific situation. That is to say, lithium polymer batteries are still the first choice for purchase in Bluetooth headsets. Of course, it is not ruled out that manufacturers who have a price tag use lithium batteries.

Bluetooth headset supplier will start to talk about which is better, lithium battery pack or polymer lithium battery?

Lithium polymer battery has many obvious advantages such as high energy density, smaller size, ultra-thinness, light weight, high safety and low cost, and is a new type of battery. In terms of shape, lithium polymer batteries have ultra-thin features, and can be made into batteries of any shape and capacity to meet the needs of various products. The minimum thickness that this type of battery can reach can reach 0.5mm.

In polymer lithium batteries, the electrolyte plays the dual function of a separator and an electrolyte: on the one hand, it separates the positive and negative materials like a separator to prevent self-discharge and short circuit inside the battery. On the other hand, it is positive like an electrolyte. Lithium ions are conducted between the negative electrodes. Polymer electrolyte not only has good electrical conductivity, but also has the characteristics of light weight, good elasticity, and easy film formation that are unique to polymer materials. It also conforms to the development trend of light weight, safety, high efficiency, and environmental protection of chemical power sources.

In this way, it is very intuitive to know what kind of Bluetooth headset should consumers choose when choosing a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headset supplier also need to remind that Bluetooth headset with lithium polymer batteries are generally priced higher than those with lithium batteries.

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