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With the popularity of tws headsets, Bluetooth headsets can be described as quickly entering people's lives. This also brings some troubles, that is, how to connect Bluetooth headsets? Although the tws technology is getting better and better, the Bluetooth version is also constantly being upgraded. It should be said that Bluetooth headset connection is a very convenient thing. There have been automatic connections on the market, but there are still many problems in how to connect Bluetooth headsets. The user is most distressed. Today, Bluetooth headset OEM factory will simply talk about how to connect Bluetooth headsets.

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In fact, a popular consumer electronics should be very convenient to use, but Bluetooth headsets have been criticized for inconvenient connection or even failure to connect. Bluetooth headset OEM factory have also conducted investigations for this. The more common phenomenon is the pairing problem of the left and right ears of the tws headset and the problem of the Bluetooth signal.

First of all, let’s talk about the problem of pairing. The connection method of tws headset is to connect the main and auxiliary ears, the main ear is connected to the mobile phone, and the right ear is connected to the left ear. Therefore, the left and right ears are often unsuccessful in pairing, because the left and right ears are all Bluetooth devices. If you pick it up at the same time, it will be connected to the mobile phone, resulting in only one earphone with sound. This phenomenon will also cause confusion when the mobile phone is connected to the device for the first time, and the result is that only one device is always connected.

In this case, you need to restore the factory settings and clear the Bluetooth device. The specific instructions for how to operate each product are clearly introduced, and each is different. The Bluetooth headset OEM factory will not explain it. The way to connect again is to turn off the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone. Pick up the left and right earphones at the same time. After the left and right earphones are paired successfully, turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone to complete the connection.

The other is the problem of Bluetooth signal. At present, the application version on the market should be at most version 5.0, and even higher versions. Basically, the software solves the problem of Bluetooth signal transmission. However, there are still some products in the market with Bluetooth signals. Not good, especially in special environments, such as the failure of Bluetooth headsets on the subway. In this case, most of the raw materials and hardware used in Bluetooth headset products are not good enough, and the chip solution is low-end. If you can’t solve it, you can only open up your glasses when buying products, don’t blindly demand low prices.

Bluetooth headset OEM factory remind consumers that there are already many dual-signal Bluetooth headsets on the market, and most of them have cancelled the connection between the primary and secondary ears. Consumers who are afraid of trouble can learn more about the product features when choosing Bluetooth headsets.

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