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Interpretation of the bluetooth headset factory direct supplier: What is the reason for the echo of the tws Bluetooth headset call? How to solve

Nowadays, Bluetooth headsets have long been conventional digital wearable items, and people are no longer unfamiliar with them. With the popularity of tws Bluetooth headsets in 2019, more and more people are willing to buy tws Bluetooth headsets, and they can see a lot in various places in life. People wear tws bluetooth headsets, but recently the bluetooth headset factory direct supplier often receive some questions about the echo in the Bluetooth headset calls. What is the cause of the echo in the tws bluetooth headset calls? How should it be solved? Today, the bluetooth headset factory direct supplier will interpret it for you.

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There are four reasons why TWS Bluetooth headsets have echo problems during a call:

1. The echo of the tws Bluetooth headset call may be a signal problem

During the call, signal interference may be encountered, which will affect the call quality of the headset and cause the echo problem during the call. In addition, sound reflections may occur in buildings, and weather and other factors interfere with mobile phones or base stations, etc., which will cause echoes.

Solution: If you encounter this situation, please hang up or choose a place that is not densely built to call.

2. The echo of the tws Bluetooth headset call may be a problem with the phone settings

The phone is set to call recording, in this case it may also produce echo.

Solution: Turn off the call recording, there will be no echo. Steps: Settings-Call Settings-Extended Settings-Whether to record the incoming call-Cancel.

3. The echo of the tws Bluetooth headset call may be the problem of the mobile phone

If the mobile phone is used for a long time, some internal communication components may age or malfunction, which may cause echo during the call. However, if the quality of the new mobile phone is not good, this problem will also occur.

Solution: It is recommended to send the mobile phone to a mobile phone repair point or a mobile phone shop for inspection.

4. the echo of the tws Bluetooth headset call may be a problem with the Bluetooth headset

The most important thing is actually the problem of the Bluetooth headset itself, especially caused by the unreasonable structure design of the headset cavity. Those who have studied physics know that when sound is transmitted, if it encounters an obstacle, it will inevitably produce echo. The unreasonable structure design will cause the echo to be too large, which can be clearly felt. If the Bluetooth headset The closer the microphone and the earpiece are, the easier it is to produce echo. If the Bluetooth headset is disconnected, the echo can be eliminated. If the Bluetooth headset is connected, there is echo, then this is the problem of the headset itself.

Solution: Turn down the volume of the Bluetooth headset first. If there is still an echo, it is recommended to change to a better quality Bluetooth headset.

The bluetooth headset factory direct supplier: During the use of the bluetooth headset, the echo problem occasionally occurs. Don't immediately define it as the problem of the bluetooth headset itself. In most cases, the signal is interfered. After all, the bluetooth headset is affected by the environment. Often when you change the environment, the answer will disappear when you connect the phone. Of course, you can't blindly choose low-priced products when buying a Bluetooth headset.‍

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