Introduction to Bluetooth headset factory BQB and BT certification


Bluetooth headset certification (BT) is also BQB certification. In short, if your product has Bluetooth function and the Bluetooth logo is marked on the appearance of the product, you must pass a certification called BQB. For details of the origin of BQB certification and the form of operation, please refer to the following.

If you want to know why, when and how to make a product pass Bluetooth product certification; if you want to know where to find these documents, who wrote the documents, and what certification is, then you are at the right place now!

Bluetooth certification is a certification process that any product that uses Bluetooth wireless technology must go through. The Bluetooth wireless technology defined in the Bluetooth system specification allows short-range wireless data connections between devices.

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Bluetooth certification test content

For Bluetooth products to be sold in the domestic market, relevant national compulsory certification (SRRC+CQC) is required; foreign countries need to be certified by relevant national regulations + Bluetooth certification

Bluetooth certification related test content and related procedures

1. Radio frequency conformance test, including RF, baseband and physical test specifications.

2. Protocol and profile conformance testing, including baseband, link management, L2CAP and profile conformance test specifications.

BQTF conformance test capability can refer to the page of test instance status and capability. For information about BQTF certification processing and standards, please refer to the BQTF applicant page.

The cost of BQB certification for Bluetooth BT products is related to the following parameters

1. Bluetooth version

2. Bluetooth supports BDR, EDR, BLE

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