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Bluetooth headset factory: how to reduce the noise floor of Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets often have some current noise. The technical term is called noise floor. Although the noise floor of Bluetooth headsets is normal, too much noise will affect the sound effect. How to reduce the noise of Bluetooth headsets or how to eliminate some of the noises?

How to eliminate the noise of Bluetooth headsets How to eliminate the noise of Bluetooth headsets

Many friends who often use Bluetooth headset products may feel troubled by the electric current that may be generated. Indeed, these noises affect our audio playback or music appreciation to some extent, so what can be done to solve it? ?For computers and mobile phones or different operating systems, will the methods of eliminating the noise of Bluetooth headsets be different? Today, the Bluetooth headset factory will introduce and analyze related problems from multiple angles and give specific solutions to this problem. .

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How to eliminate the bottom noise of Bluetooth headset

How to solve the noise (current sound) in the headset

1. The computer is not cleaned up in time, the system garbage is accumulated too much, and the computer responds slowly. The computer's system garbage and antivirus should be cleaned up in time.

2. If the headset is damaged, you can compare the headset with other headsets or computers, and replace the headset if necessary.

3. The computer has static electricity, which is also the main reason. You touch the iron part of the computer case with your hand. If the sound of the electric current disappears, you connect a piece of copper wire with one end to the screw on the back of the computer and one end to ground. The effect is excellent.

4. Is your microphone in an enhanced state?

Solution: strengthen the microphone and remove it. Because some sound cards do not support it.

5. See if there is anything with a magnetic field or sound waves around you.

Solution: Remove electrical appliances with magnetic fields (such as mobile phones, fans).

6. The voice is abnormal only when you are talking to your friends, and it is normal in the chat hall. Solution: Please pay attention to whether any of you has turned on the internal amplifier or turned on the speaker. If so, please turn it off. (You must pay attention to the placement of the speakers when using the speakers, and do not face the microphone). In addition, one of the firewalls of both parties is set too high (including LAN users, Internet cafe users), and different broadband users (such as Telecom and Netcom) will have some voice problems.

7. When the microphone is not turned on, the sound will be very quiet, and when the boost is turned on, there will be a lot of current noise. It is so noisy~! Solution: control panel-sound and audio equipment-

Voice-recording-volume, click to check it-turn the microphone slider to the maximum. (Sometimes QQ video or whatever he will automatically turn down. Need to adjust)

Summary: In the case that the headset has no sound, we must find a way to solve the problem. Maybe when we don’t see these, or don’t know what to do when the headset has no sound, the general situation is more entangled. , I hope everyone can handle this kind of thing correctly through the above explanation, and at the same time take care of your own headset, so after the headset is bought, we must know how to cook the headset. This is a very important knowledge, hope Everyone can master this knowledge

Solution to eliminate window7 noise.

Right-click "Computer" and click "Manage", select "Device Manager" in the list on the left, then click "Sound, Video Game Controller" in the list on the right, right-click the "realtek H... D,,, Audio" item Click "Update Driver Software", click "Browse your computer for driver software", then click "Select from the computer's driver list", and finally click "High Dinfinition Audio" (the one without realtek in the front) item, click " Next, select "Yes" in the pop-up window. After a few seconds, the current sound disappeared. [Warning! According to netizens' feedback, method one may cause the headset to have no sound. At this time, you need to reinstall the sound card driver to solve it. Friends who don't know how to install sound card drivers should not try this method. ]

The reason why the bluetooth headset produces interference noise is not only because the computer is not cleaned up in time, resulting in a large amount of garbage, but also because the headset is damaged or some other reasons. Therefore, you should look for it as much as possible before solving it. Find out the original fault of your headset, and then comprehensively analyze, determine the model, operating system and other information you are using, and find the corresponding solution from the above, and operate it yourself. If it does not work, you can also ask professionals for help.

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