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Recommended IPX5 waterproof Bluetooth headset Tenwin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Speaking of Bluetooth headset recommendations, some recommend good sound quality, some recommend cheap ones, some recommend powerful features, and some recommend ultra-long battery life. Today best bluetooth headset company recommends a super waterproof Bluetooth headset TW-N11 for everyone.

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In fact, waterproof protection has always been an auxiliary function in Bluetooth headset products, but the waterproof level is different. Why do Bluetooth headsets need to be waterproof? Because Bluetooth headsets are now worn in more and more places, such as running, fitness, and even swimming. Therefore, the requirements for waterproof Bluetooth headsets are getting higher and higher. Basic life waterproofing such as rain and sweat is the most basic waterproof protection. Generally, IPX4 waterproof protection is enough, but some professional fields require higher levels of waterproof protection. The Bluetooth headset recommended by Tenwin today is the Bluetooth headset with high-level waterproof protection, the IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth headset TW-N11.

TW-N11 is a private model product of Tenwin electronic bluetooth headset manufacturer. Its appearance has patent protection. The overall design concept is very atmospheric. The manufacturer is also positioned in the European and American international markets. Therefore, the software and hardware, related main materials and auxiliary materials are very carefully used. High-end configuration. It can be touched and touched by fingerprints. It is ergonomic and comfortable to wear. It has wireless charging function. The charging compartment battery is 1000ma. The battery life is superb. It can even be used as a power bank in emergency. Because the material is high-end, the sealing is very good, and its waterproof level reaches IPX5.

Many friends have no idea about IPX5 level waterproofing. Simply popularize science. The waterproof level of electronic measuring instruments reflects the ability of the instrument to prevent moisture and dust. Especially for outdoor activities, it is unavoidable to be in a harsh environment with high humidity or dust. The sealing and waterproof ability of the instrument is very important to ensure the safe operation and longevity of the instrument.

For this reason, the IEC529 standard has been formulated internationally. In order to adapt to this, the Japanese Industrial Standards divide the waterproof protection of electronic instruments into 10 grades, which are represented by IPX1, IPX2, and so on.

Through the understanding of the waterproof level, it should be clear how tight the Bluetooth headset TW-N11 is. It can be immersed in a water depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and can still be used normally. This is the high waterproof Bluetooth headset recommended by the Tenwin Bluetooth headset manufacturer. TW-N11.

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