TWS headphone market chaos, white brand accounts for 2 / 3 of sales

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In 2016, apple officially cancelled the 3.5mm audio interface on the iPhone 7 Series smartphones and launched a new product line, Apple's airpods true wireless headset. This solution of dual channel transmission technology combined with charging bin quickly led the market. Android series and audio manufacturers followed suit one after another, and new brands continued to join, opening the era of TWS real wireless headphones.

After more than four years of development, TWS headset has developed from a dark horse to a golden horse. The steady growth of market and sales year by year has promoted the rapid development of Bluetooth headset market and brought many new opportunities. With the rapid development of the market, the supply chain technologies such as TWS headphone master chip, power management IC, wireless charging receiver chip, charging box battery, and headphone battery continue to mature. The performance of TWS headphones has been continuously improved, and the functions are constantly enriched. Compared with the traditional headphones, the disadvantages are gradually made up, and the advantages are constantly enlarged, which are more and more recognized by consumers.

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