What is the use of Bluetooth headset? - wholesale factory


Function 1: Use audio media devices to listen to music

There is no doubt about this. A considerable number of users purchase Bluetooth headset to listen to music during walking. It is a very good relief to be able to quietly enjoy their own music space in the crowded subway. Ways to work stress and emotions. For sports and fitness people, the configuration of Bluetooth headset is even more necessary, which can stimulate the potential of sports, and can also reduce the monotony and boring feeling of sports, which is beneficial and harmless.

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Function 2: Use the call media device to make a call

For consumers with more phone calls, holding a large-screen mobile phone to make calls from time to time is really a work of energy, and they cannot free their left and right hands. For those who drive, the ease of communication with Bluetooth headset is second to none. There is no need to violate the traffic rules, nor do you need to answer some more private calls when things are inappropriate. While convenient, the safety factor is high.

Function 3 Compatible with other software, wireless operation

Bluetooth headset wholesale factory reminds consumers that before buying Bluetooth headset, they must pay attention to the compatibility of Bluetooth headset. As long as the specifications of Bluetooth headset are compatible with mobile terminals, Bluetooth headset currently have two main specifications: HandfreeProfile (HFP) and HeadsetPro- file(HSP). HFP stands for hands-free function, while HSP stands for headset function. Consumers must first figure out which specifications their mobile phone supports, and then choose the appropriate Bluetooth headset to pair with Bluetooth headset using HFP format. The support for mobile phones is relatively complete. Consumers can use the headset to operate the redial and call retention settings of the mobile phone. , Call rejection and other hands-free options. There are also some models that support both HFP and HSP.

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