What is the official term of OEM bluetooth headphones factory?


OEM Bluetooth headphones factory talks about industry terms to help you quickly understand the Bluetooth headphones industry

Every industry has its own professional terminology, and professional terminology is often used by people in the industry in the negotiation of promotion and introduction of products. The Bluetooth headphones industry is no exception, but as an OEM Bluetooth headphones factory, it feels that in some occasions or targeted communication objects Sometimes the application is not reasonable. Because it is not ruled out that the objects of the negotiation are all very familiar with the Bluetooth headphones industry, the use of professional terminology at this time is actually not conducive to the smooth communication. It is precisely because of this that, as an club OEM Bluetooth headphones factory, it is necessary to popularize some professional terms in the Bluetooth headphones industry, so that some friends can understand the industry more quickly.

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OEM Bluetooth headphones factory introduces the industry term - sensitivity

[Basic interpretation] Earphone sensitivity refers to the sound pressure level that the earphone can emit when the power of 1 milliwatt is input to the earphone (the unit of sound pressure is decibels, the greater the sound pressure, the greater the volume),

[In-depth analysis] If you choose headphones for the Walkman, the sensitivity should be around 100dB/mW or higher. The most intuitive performance of this parameter is that in general, the larger the number, the greater the sound produced by headphones with the same impedance at the same volume. Therefore, the higher the sensitivity and the lower the impedance, the easier the earphone will produce and drive.

OEM Bluetooth headphones factory introduces industry terminology - moving iron headphones

[Basic interpretation] Moving iron earphones are earphones that are conducted to the center point of a miniature diaphragm through a precisely structured connecting rod to generate vibration and sound.

[In-depth analysis] Inside the moving iron earplugs, the voice coil is wound on a precision iron piece called "balanced armature" located in the center of the permanent magnetic field. This piece of iron drives the diaphragm to make sound under the action of magnetic force.

OEM Bluetooth headphones factory introduces industry terminology - frequency response range

Sensitivity has different values at different frequencies. This is the frequency response. The dependence of sensitivity on frequency is expressed by a curve, which is called the frequency response curve.

OEM Bluetooth headphones factory introduces the industry term - signal-to-noise ratio

[Basic interpretation] Also known as the signal-to-noise ratio, the useful component of the signal is compared with the intensity of the noise, often expressed in decibels.

[In-depth analysis] The higher the signal-to-noise ratio of the device, the less noise it produces. The higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the purer the music feels. The so-called background is dark enough.

OEM Bluetooth headphones factory introduces the industry term - transient response

[Basic interpretation] The change process of the system output from the initial state to the stable state under the action of a certain typical signal input.

[In-depth analysis] Transient Response refers to the ability of headphones to accurately reproduce transient music changes. Transient response is the main indicator to measure the ability of headphones to follow sudden signals in music. Headphones with good transient response should respond as soon as the signal comes, and stop abruptly as soon as the signal stops, and never sloppy.

OEM Bluetooth headphones factory introduces the industry term - noise reduction

[Basic interpretation] Noise reduction headphones refer to a kind of headphones that use a certain method to reduce noise. There are two ways to reduce noise in headphones, active noise reduction and passive noise reduction.

[In-depth analysis] The active noise reduction function is to generate a reverse sound wave equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system, neutralize the noise, and achieve the effect of noise reduction. Passive noise-cancelling headphones mainly form a closed space by surrounding the ears, or use sound-insulating materials such as silicone earplugs to block external noise.

OEM Bluetooth headphones factory introduces the industry term - impedance

[Basic interpretation] The impedance of a headphones is the abbreviation for its AC impedance

[In-depth analysis] Impedance refers to the hindrance of alternating current in a circuit with resistance, inductance and capacitance, called impedance, and the unit is ohm (Ω). Generally speaking, the smaller the impedance, the easier it is for the earphone to produce sound and drive.

What the club OEM Bluetooth headphones factory direct wants to say is that there are a lot of professional terms in an industry. The terms listed today are mainly terms that are often used in daily communication and negotiation and product introduction, so I focus on introducing them. In addition, more professional terms will be involved in the OEM negotiation of Bluetooth headphones. OEM Bluetooth headphones factory will introduce them to you one by one in the future.

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